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Earlier this year I was able  to help out The Backpack Project, Inc. with photography in downtown Atlanta.  Their mission is to help the homeless population of Athens and Atlanta by providing backpacks filled with food, clothes and toiletries to the homeless.  Within each season they customize the backpacks for men and women in order to meet their individual needs.

 Let's join hands to help out the homeless community.

Please donate a GENTLY USED or NEW BACKPACK (suitable for adults...no action figures, etc)  when we meet for our photo session, and in return you will receive a 25.00 credit towards the purchase of your high resolution gallery.

*Contingent on purchase of gallery being within 30 days of gallery being posted.

Want to learn more about how you can help ease the burden of homelessness?  Visit The Backpack Project, Inc.

The Backpack Project, Inc.

Rain doesn't stop the need for helping others.

Rain doesn't stop the need for helping others.

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